Consumers choose marketplaces due to their ease-of-use. While online shopping saved consumers from a trip to the store, marketplaces allow users to compare similar products and services from different sellers all in one place, instead of hopping from site to sit

They always were booming – markets existed for centuries. Now it’s just a time to digitalize them and give a more convenient way to sell/buy products and services.

Besides, compared to the eCommerce, marketplaces give customers much more choice but in the same interface, removing the need to browse several stores in different design, find and compare the prices and conditions

irst of all, you need to know what is your marketplace website is about and what you are going to sell…Be clear with your business model and approach, like for eg: you want a single store front-end store selling variety of products OR a multi-vendor site, where you allow other merchants to signup with you and sell their products in your platform, providing all the necessary support and maintenance and for that you can charge some commission or fee accordingly for each product that sold through the site.

Secondly, as per my experience overseeing the team and working on this E-commerce/online marketplace domain, I definitely feel CS-Cart Multi-Vendor deserve more credits and I highly recommend it for a few reasons.

Its cost effective, the overall multi-vendor pricing cost $ 1,450 USD* its completely open source code, where you can develop or tweak any features that you might require in future by your local developers or their exclusive CS-Cart team will assist you.
Top E-commerce and marketplace players like Shopclues, E-Taif, Veemo, and other industry players are using it and saving a lot of time, resources and money using the platform.
CS-Cart has one of the best developer community with 350 developers companies all over the world + it has over 1000 + add -ons which will be easy to integrate saving lots of money and resources on the go.
Plus it has an active community forum, where thousands of active users and developers will assist with your queries if any + it comes with free 90 days support to assist with your queries or concern.

Along with the system, they regularly give 4 main updates all through the year to key your business platform and stay ahead in the competition with the necessary tools and feature that your business requires.

Feel free to write to me, if you require any other assistance or my experience using CS-Cart on the comment section below, I am more than happy to assist and share my experience and knowledge using CS-Cart.


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